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Established in 2005, inspireIT develops, sells and markets products, services and customized solutions for and to the airport industry.

We are specialists in the provision of services and system solutions for airports. These include the analysis of passenger and information flow, system development from analysis to implementation and testing, business-process flow and descriptions, project management, departure control systems, check-in systems with self-service stations, Airport Operational Databases (AODB) including Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), debiting of airport services/premises, user-defined rules for pricing and reporting, as well as the retrieval of statistics and flow control.

Having specialized in the business of developing various system solutions for Swedish airports since the year 2000, we have accumulated a considerable depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in the analysis, development and implementation of management and administration of information display systems and passenger flow tools.

A selection of our customers

AIDA ONE – Simplify your business

AIDA One provides the airport with everything from statistics, reporting and debiting as well as FIDS and custom integrations. Aida One is cloud based so you can easily access our services wherever you are.

  • Cloud based application

    Super easy access to our services and requires no installation.

  • Remarkable user experience

    Exceptionally fast and intuitive with a user friendly interface.

  • Excellent support

    Our support team will be happy to assist. Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

  • And much more!

    We can expand the product with additional modules based on your needs.

Check-In system with focus on efficiency

Our local Departure Control System (DCS) was developed together with more than 40 end users at Skavsta airport. The resulting product is a very efficient and user-friendly check-in system that guides and manages the passenger flow from the import of passenger lists via check-in and baggage drop to security and boarding gate. The system enables staff check-in as well as self-service, and merges initially imported passenger lists with web check-in and late updates from booking systems.

The system has been developed to be an independent player on the market, with point-to point service for a broad range of airline companies and easy interfacing to new airlines. Behind the scenes, the system handles baggage loading and reconciliation, seating charts and passenger flow control.

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We have developed software and provided extensive support for the airport industry since 2005. We have worked in large projects and delivered complex solutions to our customers over the years.

Our developing team has a broad knowledge of software development and design. We are a competent provider of robust and challenging solutions, in and outside the airport industry. Are you in need of consulting expertise, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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