Check-in system with focus on efficiency

Our local Departure Control System (DCS) was developed together with more than 40 end users at Skavsta airport. The resulting product is a very efficient and user-friendly check-in system that guides and manages the passenger flow from the import of passenger lists via check-in and baggage drop to security and the boarding gate. The system enables staff check-in as well as self-service, and merges initially imported passenger lists with web check-in and late updates from booking systems.

The system has been developed to be an independent player on the market, with point-to point service for a broad range of airline companies and easy interfacing to new airlines. Behind the scenes, the system handles baggage loading and reconciliation, seating charts and passenger flow control.

System capabilities

  • Import of PNL/ADL

  • Seat chart creator/Seating

  • Self service

  • Staff check in

  • Baggage drop

  • Security

  • Gate

  • Report generator

  • Passenger Flow control

  • Baggage handling

What our customers think

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