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We provide modern technology solutions that simplify and streamline workflow.

We have developed software and provided extensive support since 2005. We have worked in large projects and delivered complex solutions to our customers over the years. In recent years, we have grown and can offer IT consulting services to all sectors. We provide modern technology solutions that we make user-friendly and easy to understand and manage. Our mind-set is that technology is used to simplify and streamline. Something we have from our expertise in the aviation industry.

We operate in a complex and fast-changing market, which means that we are constantly working to be at the forefront of new technology. Our employees are well-versed in the latest technology and are used to complex issues from a marketplace in constant change.

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Airport Solutions

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We are specialists in IT solutions, with many years experience in the aviation industry. Through our proprietary and tailor-made IT software, we streamline and modernize the airport's operations. We always develop in close cooperation with our customers.

Areas of expertise include the analysis of passenger and information flow, system development from analysis to implementation and testing, business-process flow and descriptions, project management, departure control systems, check-in systems with self-service stations, Airport Operational Databases (AODB) including Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS), debiting of airport services/premises, user-defined rules for pricing and reporting, as well as the retrieval of statistics and flow control.

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It was crucial to find a competent supplier of efficient solutions. InspireIT's experience and knowledge will be important to us in the future.
— Småland Airport
Technology in the check-in process lifted passenger handling to the next level.
— Stockholm Skavsta Airport
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Dietary Data System

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Mateo is a dietary data system for every part of the meal process. By offering a modern cloud-based solution with an intuitive interface, it becomes easy to work on previously time-consuming tasks wherever you are. Mateo integrates with several registers such as the Swedish Food Agency and Dabas food database to gain access to important information such as nutrients, allergens, lists of contents, etc. so that you can plan a healthy diet.

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